Sound Bytes after Tava

The feedback is in — we’re hearing some great things about Tava from event-goers!

I was very impressed by Vijay’s knowledge…The glass jar was the best thing ever. Getting a high quality, physical thing to take home meant a lot.

–Jordan L.

The…demo was great. I thought the owner gave a really thorough explanation, and I was happy to learn about chai, get to try theirs, get my own JAR (I freakin’ loved that jar), and then get a spiked chai. The whole progression [of the event] was the best part of the evening.

–Lauren S.

[I am] more likely to go there now because I’ve … met the owner. [I] feel more of an emotional connection. [It was] good that Vijay was available to talk before and after. He had the right personality to be running that kind of event. He had good charisma.

–Ritu T.

[The event] was a great way to get a new intro to a place I didn’t know about.

–Bonni S. @ Chrysanthemum food blog

I don’t like hot drinks, and, believe it or not, I’ve never had tea before, but now I’m hooked in chai!

–Hans M.

After this, I fully trust Vijay can put on a great event, so I would definitely go to another Tava event.

–Charles Z.

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