So Much Pun – Vietnoms (get it?) Version

Believe it or not, there is actually an entire subculture that loves not just food puns, but pho puns. Pho (“fuh”) is a Vietnamese noodle soup made up of a clean, savory broth, fresh rice noodles, aromatic herbs, and tender, juicy meat. Or at least that’s what pho at Turtle Tower is like.  You might’ve seen it on the 7×7 100 Things to Eat list, or maybe in one of its 2,000+ positive Yelp reviews (heck, do I even have that many Facebook friends…?). If not, Alex and Kristina over at Bites by the Bay wrote a good homage to Turtle Tower’s Pho Ga (Chicken Broth Pho) that you should check out.

Point is, Turtle Tower is the star of our next event (punnily titled “Pho Shizzle“), so we thought it would be irresponsible of us to not write a post on pho puns…just for conversation starters during the event, you know. So here are our 10 favorites! If you have others, tell us!

Number 10


Pho-King Delicious. Oh, you don’t say?

Number 9

Un-pho-gettable. How can you pho-get such a great pun?

Number 8

Absolutely Pho-bulous. Not sure how this is pronounced…and whether it means fabulous or fabulously fobby.

Number 7

Pho Sho. The first cousin of Pho Shizzle, our event title.

Number 6

What the Pho? You probably see a trend emerging here.

Number 5

No Pho King Way!? We love audience participation.

Number 4

Hot as pho. Not just for restaurant names…can be seen on cute girls, too! (Guys, this also doubles as a decent pick up line).

Number 3

iPho. The new, hot and steaming device.

Number 2

Friend or Pho. Okay, the pronunciation is off, but we liked the concept.

Number 1

Pho Kim Long. Say it out loud. What’s great about this one is that it wasn’t even planned.
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